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  • If You Believe In Indian Currency You Must Believe In LIC, Because Both Are Secured By Government Of India
  • India's largest life insurance company
  • serving indians since 1956 - guarantee of strength
  • biggest contributor to india's 5 year plans since 1956
  • LIC of india is no.1 in claim settlement
  • settles 2.25 claims per second which is - fastest in the industry
  • more than 40 crore policies sold
  • total life fund : 1,60,70,24,98,00,000/-
  • total asset : 1,76,91,91,60,00,000/-
  • total investment in govt. public welfare scheme rs. 16,84,690 cr.
  • LIC has many products for meeting different needs
  • LIC is most trusted brand iin insurance ET brand equity - nielsen survey-2013.


You will help people realize their dreams by fulfilling their financial goals and assisting the families in case a misfortune strikes. The difference you make to their lives is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.


By joining LIC, you will be a part of the country's finest team of life insurance agents. Last year, LIC contributed more than five thousand members to Million Dollar Round Table USA - a global forum that salutes the world's most successful insurance agents.


LIC takes care of your current earnings and guarantees an earnings for the future. What's more, you can set your own income targets with a potential to earn as much as you want for the rest of your life.


As an agent, you will be a true entrepreneur. You will have the freedom to be your own boss: work for yourself, choose your own clients and make your own money; and all of this without you having to make any initial capital investment.


LIC provides its agents with the best -in-class training systems, since that is what differentiates LIC agents from the rest. Even if you don't have previous experience in selling, the multi-dimensional training programs conducted by qualified in-house training personnel will make you a specialist in life insurance sales. The effect of training and environment may be observed by the average annual productivity of LIC agent which is 26 polices and Rs.3.14 lakh new business premium income which is much higher than industry's average.


Our commitment to your career agency means that, we support you and your efforts not just today, but at every stage of your business. We believe in encouraging our agents to strive towards the highest levels of success, throughout their careers. In fact, depending on your performance, we also offer a career management option with the company.


You can offer your customers various products and riders to help them meet all their financial goals. In order to give you a greater competitive edge, LIC is also continuously working on newer and more innovative products.


LIC support its agents with innovative sales and marketing tools. The sales, promotions and marketing collaterals will help you take your business to new heights.


LIC offers you and your customer unmatched financial strength and solidity. LIC is the most trusted and time tested insurance brand of the country.


LIC agents are constantly recognized and rewarded for their performance. Numerous competitions all year round promote healthy competition amongst agents and recognition for their efforts. Dependingon the level of business the agent achieves in a year, he or she can become a member of various clubs such as the corporate club, the chairman's club, etc. LIC agents are also entitled for many benefits like MediClaim, Group insurance, Gratuity, Pension scheme which makes this profession almost at par with any career option. Performing agents are also allowed to open their offices & LIC reimburses the allowance for running them.


Contact an authorized Development Officer, who is specialized in recruitment, and who can help, guide, Support, provide training, development, & Motivation. He/She should regularly conduct Meetings and Seminars for updates &upgrades. Contacting other than experienced Development Officer, will not provide any added advantages or benefits.


Successful agents take this opportunity seriously and run it as their own business. They use their time and interpersonal skills better after becoming an insurance agent. They understand customer's needs well, hear them out and suggest the best plans, they stay updated with the times. Some of the qualities for a potentially successful agent are: ♦Self-motivation ♦ A master communicator ♦ a go- getter ♦ Insurance sales agents should be flexible, enthusiastic, confident, disciplined, Hardworking, and willing to solve problems. They should communicate effectively and inspire customer confidence. Because they usually work without supervision, sales agents must be able to plan their time well and have the initiative to locate new clients. Persons with proven sales ability or success in other occupations get an added advantage.


Most of the insurance sales agents are based in small offices, from which they contact clients and provide information on the polices they sell. However, much of their time may be spent outside their offices, travelling locally to meet with clients, or investigate claims, agents usually determine their own hours of work and often schedule evening and weekend appointments for the convenience of clients. Although most agents work a 40 hour week, some work 60 hours a week or even longer. Commercial sales agents, in particular, may meet with clients during business hours and then spend evenings doing paperwork and preparing presentations to prospective clients.


Employers also are placing greater emphasis on continuing professional educational as the diversity of financial products sold by insurance agents to keep up to date on issues concerning clients. Changes in tax laws, government benefits programs, and other state and central government regulations can affect the insurance needs of clients and the way in which agents conduct business. Agents can enhance their selling skills and broaden their knowledge of insurance and other financial services by taking courses at college and universities and by attending institutes, conferences, and seminars sponsored by insurance organizations. IRDA also has mandatory continuing education requirements focusing on insurance laws, consumer protection, and the technical details of various insurance policies. LIC has in-house training centers to provide such training.